Recapping the Journey: 30 Data Tips and the Path Ahead — Tip #30

Karen Hsieh
3 min readOct 14, 2023

This is the last tip! 🎬 From Tip #1, where I began with personal curiosity, to Tip #7, where I discussed structuring a data team, and then onto Tip #25 where I encouraged you to join a community. This journey, which I’ve traversed and continue on, is a path I hope enlightens your exploration of the data world.

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From One To Many

🧍‍♀️ Personal: Tip #1 ~Tip #6

Upon entering the realm of data, let curiosity be your guiding light. Following your heart’s passion can illuminate your path. I never originally aimed to be a data analyst. My initial goal was merely to understand product numbers and user behaviors. It was only when my ex-boss pointed it out that I realized I was inadvertently elevating company-wide data literacy. Funny enough 😅 , I had to Google “data literacy”!

I assure you, with the right problems that spark your passion and drive, you’ll achieve great things. Focus on the challenges, not the end goals. Explore every possible solution and whether you find the answer or not, the journey itself will enrich you with knowledge, introduce you to amazing people, and gift you unforgettable experiences.

👭👬 Team & Company: Tip #7 ~ Tip #24

Starting as a one-person data team, you’ll face a myriad of challenges 🤾‍♂️. From establishing a data pipeline to assisting colleagues in harnessing the power of data. Through keen observation, you’ll recognize if your organization is ready to embrace a data-informed culture. Based on these insights, you’ll adapt your approach in data product delivery, reports, tools, and training. As you retrospectively analyze your journey, there will be moments of wishful thinking — wishing you had known certain insights earlier or desiring to share your revelations with others.

That’s precisely my motivation behind writing. If more individuals share their stories, we might discern patterns that can guide us. Your challenges could serve as precautionary tales for me, while mine might provide insights for you. Through collective knowledge 🙌, we can identify the most optimal solutions tailored to our unique situations. A broader understanding of various problems and solutions will undeniably foster growth.

👭💃👬🕺 Community: Tip #25 ~ Tip #29

By reading this, you’ve become a part of a community of knowledge seekers. Although our interaction might be minimal, we’re connected by shared concepts. The support I’ve garnered from the community extends beyond mere data challenges. I’ve honed skills like facilitating meetups, collaborating efficiently, and participating in global events. I genuinely hope you experience these same benefits. Remember, helping others is an act of helping oneself.

Call for Continuous Learning

Although this series culminates with the 30th tip, the learning journey is perpetual 🏃‍♀️. Reflecting upon my experiences over the years has solidified my passions in product and data. I observe a synergy between the two, and that’s where my current focus lies. Rest assured, I’ll continue to delve deeper and share my insights with you. Your feedback 🤗 is invaluable to me!

Every experience, including yours, holds immense value. I encourage you to share your thoughts, engage in discussions, or pen down your narratives. Soon, you’ll understand why I believe sharing is the most potent form of learning.

Ending but not the End 👋

Feel free to connect with me. Join the dbt community and find us under #local-taipei.

🤩 I’m happy to hear how you handle data and product? Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn Karen Hsieh or Twitter @ijac_wei.

🙋🙋‍♀️ Welcome to Ask Me Anything.



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